Chimney Relining

When chimneys get old or have not been cleaned regularly they can deteriorate and create hazardous conditions. Cracks in the chimney masonry and flues can vent hazardous gases or even fire and embers in to your home. When faced with a damaged chimney interior you can choose to tear down the existing chimney or you can reline your chimney with a stainless steel or aluminum insert .  We will inspect your chimney with CCTV so you can see the damage yourself and decide on the best course of action. 

Reasons to reline a chimney:

  • To repair damage to the chimney, which may have been caused by a chimney fire
  • To upgrade old chimneys which were constructed without chimney liners
  • To replace worn and deteriorated liners which may be allowing smoke to seep through the chimney walls
  • To properly size the chimney for a new stove
  • To prevent excessive soot buildup when venting a woodstove through an existing fireplace
  • Where damage is not too extensive it is cheaper to reline a chimney than to rebuild a chimney

Types of Linerschimney reline

Stainless Steel – This method of relining involves installing a round or oval stainless steel liner in the chimney. The liner can be either rigid or flexible; flexible liners are used for chimneys with offsets. Stainless steel liners are used mainly for woodstoves and oil furnace installations. 

Aluminum – This method is similar to stainless steel, but the liner is made of aluminum. Aluminum liners can only be used to vent certain types of gas appliances. 

Flue Liners – Used mainly in new construction, this method of relining is suitable for all chimneys. The flue liner used is a scheidel liner and is suitable for open fires, stoves and ranges. This type of liner has a T rating of over 1,000 degrees. (temp. rating)

If you have any doubts about your chimney give us a call. If your chimney is in need of relining, we will recommend the most practical and economical method for your chimney. Our technicians have the experience to recommend and install the right liner for your home.

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