Chimney Inspections

amac twin eye cameraWhen cleaning chimneys, or investigating what chimney repairs are needed, we inspect the chimney using a CCTV. The chimney camera can easily find cracks, leaks, soot build up, nests and even animals that may have made your chimney their home!

We use the AMAC Twin Eye camera featuring twin lens CCTV (i.e. a camera that can look forward and sidewards by switching between the two) and ultra bright LED illumination, a product purposely designed for ultimate chimney and flue inspection.

A camera is pushed up the chimney to give an upward view or turned round to provide a side view in cases of extreme soot and other debris in the chimney.

Any blockage in your chimney can cause dangerous gases to seep into your home instead of being expelled or chimney fires.

A-Line Chimney Repairs are based in Mayo and provide chimney services across Connaught (Galway, Leitrim, Mayo, Roscommon and Sligo) as well as all other counties in Ireland.