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How often should a chimney sweep?

blocked chimneyDepending on how often you use your chimney and what type of fuel is used, a chimney should be cleaned every 6 - 12 months. Chimneys can quickly become blocked with soot that accumulates inside the tubes and pipes of a chimney which can reduce the efficiency of the chimney, as well as stopping poisonous gases being emmited via the chimney.

How do we clean your chimney?

Chimey cleaning is carried out from inside the house by brushing and scraping the lines. We also use hoses up and down and vacuuming collecting debris that fall off. Normally it is not necessary to cover the furniture.

After the chimney has been cleaned we review the condition of the chimney, using cameras, checking that all soot and debris (such as birds nests) have been removed from the chimney.

Benefits of periodic chimney cleaning:

  •  Prevent fires ( soot and creosote burn easily)
  •  Avoid poisoning (to repeal the smoke and other gases)
  •  Improve consumption (get more heat from less fuel)
  •  In case of chimney fire insurance claim (proof of cleaning will be required)

Signs your chimney needs cleaning:

  • The glass on the stove door is dirty
  • Opening the stove door fuels the fire
  • Smell of smoke in the property
  • Unpleasant odors that does not seem to be smoke
  • Suspect or know that the chimney has been burned
  • Black soot falling freely from the chimney
  • Increased use of fuel to get desired heat output
  • It has been more than 12 months since the chimney was last cleaned professionally.
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